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mahpimpjournal's Journal

21 May
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Here is mah Old AOL profile:

Member Name: Dave-id...LoL!!!

Location: Here...There...Everywhere!

Birthdate: 5-21-76

Marital Status: Single...and luvin' it!!!!

Hobbies: Sports!! Like...Hockey! Baseball! Basketball! and of course...SECKS! ..also, writing, esp. Sports Writing..Windsurfing, Jogging, Dating, Eating, Breathing...no guyz pleaz, I'm sr8! ...I am 26/m, brown/blue 188 lbs 6'1!!

Computers: uhhhh....LoL

Occupation: ...Sports Writer!!!!! Proffessionall Humper!!! LoL!!!! R U a girl!!?? Oh Baby! I want u!!! Y? Just Bcuz!!

Personal Quote: Shout-outs to my boyz and girlz!!! Tristan!! Kelly!! Roger!! Michael! Hafeez!!! Brette!!! Simon!!! Becky!! ...and mah brutha Steven!!!! Peace out Sgi Steve- pimp yo phrum da man in da ghetto!!!!!!